Samson, beware of the Philistines

Jabotinsky’s novel, originally written in Russian, is a book that accompanied Rinenberg all his youth.

May 25, 2017 12:08

Play director Efim Rinenberg says that his own life mirrors the situation of Samson – as someone who is torn between two cultures, just as Samson was torn between his Jewish background and the Philistine culture he loved so much. (photo credit: VITALY FRIEDLANDER)

At the end of the play Shimshon (Samson, one of the judges in the Book of Judges) the biblical hero and protagonist addresses the audience and urges them to “get iron [weapons], install a king [central authority and statehood] and learn to laugh.”

He is loudly applauded. The play is the latest production at the local MIKRO Theater.


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