Those were the days

August 17, 2017 18:31

The writer looks back at the Israel she knew, before and after the Six Day War.

Forests and flowers at Almagor, 2013.

Forests and flowers at Almagor, 2013.. (photo credit:WENDY BLUMFIELD)

On a sultry July day in 1959, during my first visit to Israel, I sat on a rock by David’s Tomb on Mount Zion in Jerusalem. This was the nearest one could get to the Western Wall; indeed, I could see just a small section of it across the no-man’s-land of thorns and stones and barbed wire.

While some are moved to paint a scene that makes such an impact on them, I write poems. So there I sat, scribbling in my notebook, trying to create a poem from my impressions of the heat, the desolation, the ancient walls and the smell of the thistles and clusters of wild herbs that grew between the boulders.


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