Worlds apart

'Cinema Travelers’ references a bygone era of nomadic reel-to-reel movie screening outfits.

November 22, 2017 17:48
The plight of migrant workers is portrayed in ‘What We Have Made.’

The plight of migrant workers is portrayed in ‘What We Have Made.’. (photo credit: Courtesy)

Visual documents have always been an efficient means of conveying information about some far-off place, or about some topic about which we have no prior knowledge, especially of the filmic kind. That will be amply imparted at the Sixth Anthropological Film Festival, which will takes place at the Jerusalem Cinematheque November 28-30, under the auspices of the host venue and the department of sociology and anthropology of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Artistic director Nurit Kedar has put together an intriguing mix of documentaries that present a diverse range of social, cultural and political issues that reflect the human condition across a swath of cultures and ethnic environments. Over the three days, we will be able to catch films from Siberia, India, Congo, China, Ghana and the Kalahari Desert, to mention but a few places most of us will probably never get to ourselves.


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