Eye on Iran: Between fact and propaganda

Nuclear power reactors don't use enriched fuel; currently only nuke weapons use the stuff. Posted by Ed Howdershelt.

June 12, 2006 12:27
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Posted by Ed Howdershelt I'm an American, which means any news I'm presented through the US media is heavily filtered en route and presented in a manner that's intended to influence my perceptions and opinions concerning various issues. That having been said, I'll confess that I get a lot of my news from non-US sources in an effort to find a balance between fact and propaganda. On the matter of Iran: post-Shah Iranian leaders have repeatedly proven themselves to be a pack of lying hyenas. Nuclear power reactors don't use enriched fuel; currently only nuke weapons use the stuff. Allowing Iran to enrich uranium (or anything else even vaguely radioactive) is truly idiotic in the extreme because their nuke stuff WOULD end up in explosive devices hidden in Western cities. Those guys happily incite riots and killings over such trivia as tacky editorial cartoons. If they had nuke weapons of any sort, they'd use them at the first deliberately imagined or perceived provocation or insult to make an example of a city such as London. I'm very much FOR a preemptive strike.

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