A unique kibbutz

August 24, 2014 17:37

Ketura is at the forefront of green technology and entrepreneurship, and is innovative in environmental education and religious pluralism.

Kibbutz Ketura

View of Kibbutz Ketura with a field of Arava Power Company photovoltaic panels.. (photo credit:COURTESY ITAMAR GRINBERG / ARAVA POWER COMPANY)

TAKE A long drive on the highway to the south across the stunning landscape of the Arava Valley with the Edom Mountains of Jordan to the east. When you reach the fields of date palms 35 miles north of the resort town of Eilat, you’ve arrived at Ketura.

The kibbutz founded by a group of American “crazies” is a rather stunning success story. Ketura has managed, against all odds, to launch and maintain innovative businesses, retain its original vision of religious pluralism and maintain its status as a true communal kibbutz.


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