Antisemitism: The threat and the divide

In a sort of ‘you have your antisemites, I have mine,’ right-leaning Jews say liberals are using the oldest hatred as a political weapon against Donald Trump.

March 28, 2017 16:42
Oren Segal

Oren Segal (right), director of the Anti- Defamation League’s Center on Extremism. (photo credit: DREW ANGERER / AFP)

ANTISEMITISM APPEARS to have joined politics, religion, gender and Israel to become an issue that is dividing the US Jewish community.

Reports permeate the media of bomb threats to Jewish centers, cemetery desecrations, swastika daubings and hateful flyers – not to mention instances of actual violence against Jews. But, instead of bringing the community closer together, Jews on the Left say President Donald Trump has created an atmosphere that fosters expressions of antisemitism, while conservative Jews complain that those on the Left are exploiting a distressing situation to thrash the administration even as they turn a blind eye toward anti-Israelism and hostility against Jews among Democratic Party activists.


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