Getting a Head ST-ART

A new mentoring program helps beginning artists transition into the business world.

October 30, 2010 12:07
MICHAL SHANIR: Untitled, Oil on canvas

MICHAL SHANIR painting 311. (photo credit: COURTESY ST-ART / MICHAL SHAFNIR)

ISRAEL HAS BECOME A HUB FOR business innovation, especially in the high-tech and biotech fields. But the country’s most original business incubator could very well be in the visual arts sector. Known as ST-ART, the venture was founded in 2008 by Serge Tiroche, a banking expert with a passion for Israeli art.

“I came up with the idea for ST-ART when I noticed the gap between young independent artists and those represented by galleries,” explains Tiroche. “It usually takes young artists a number of years until they are able to find a gallery that will represent them and by then many have given up on a career as an artist.”


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