Gunning for George Soros

May 18, 2017 12:35

A prestigious university in Budapest falls victim to the Hungarian government’s vendetta against the Jewish billionaire.

George Soros

Students bear a banner that says ‘CEU now, but who’s next?’ during a protest against the Hungarian government’s plan to shut down a local university founded by George Soros. (photo credit:TIBOR KRAUSZ)

THE CENTRAL European University in Budapest is Hungary’s top-ranked institution of higher education and home to some 1,500 students and hundreds of lecturers from 116 nations in its various graduate and postgraduate programs, Jewish Studies among them.

Occupying a smattering of three lavishly equipped Habsburg-era and two ultra-modern buildings, the university boasts ideal settings in the very heart of Hungary’s picturesque capital. On one side, within a few hundred meters, lies the city’s famed Chain Bridge over the Danube. On the other, the magnificent St. Stephen’s Basilica looms large with its towering spires. Within easy walking distance are Budapest’s historic Great Synagogue with its onion domes and Hungary’s gaudy neo-Gothic Parliament House.


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