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Annexation is the cure

The extension and enforcement of Israeli law would do a better job of curbing price taggers than the current status quo.

Amos Oz
Photo by: Reuters
Renowned novelist Amos Oz unwittingly performed a service by calling “price tag” perpetrators neo-Nazis. This Israeli national conscience wannabe ended a hysterical verbal bidding war over who could come up with the most extreme epithet to describe an admittedly odious phenomenon.

Nobody can top Nazi, but Oz, the winning bidder, made himself ludicrous. Of course random attacks against Arabs are morally wrong and blacken Israel’s name. However, Oz’s critics reminded him that he had dedicated a book to Fatah Tanzim terrorist leader Marwan Barghouti, who is serving five life sentences for the murder of Israeli Jews during the five year-long Palestinian terror offensive, a.k.a the second intifada. Oz would never apply such extreme epithets as “terrorist” or “Nazi” to Barghouti and his ilk and, therefore, his righteous indignation about Jewish graffiti scrawlers and tire puncturers rings hollow.

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