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Shulamit Aloni, 1928 - 2014
February 6, 2014 11:29
She never gave up the struggle to make Israel a more cultured, just and peace-loving country.
Knesset Member Shulamit Aloni, 1966

Knesset Member Shulamit Aloni, 1966. (photo credit:GPO)

In October 1991, Shulamit Aloni invited me to a personal meeting. I trembled with excitement because I knew and admired her through the media. She had been elected to the Knesset in November 1965, a month before I was born. I wondered what I could do to help that remarkable woman.

The meeting took place at the Hilton Hotel in Jerusalem and to this day I remember the taste of the toast we shared. She asked me if I would be ready to manage the Ratz (Civil Rights Movement) Knesset faction she headed. Of course, I agreed at once.


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