On this side and that: A story of one man's Yom Kippur

From the nearest synagogue, at the end of the street, they heard the hazan’s voice calling on the congregation to permit itself to pray with sinners.

September 24, 2017 19:22
A family prepares for Yom Kippur.

A family prepares for Yom Kippur. . (photo credit: AVI KATZ)

ZEALOT LIFTED the lid of the pot, taking care not to topple it from the primus and spill gravy all over the front of his new tolstovka. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes and lifted his head so that, had they been open, he would have been gazing at the damp spot at the center of the ceiling.

“It is a heavenly chicken,” he pronounced. “There is no pleasure on this earth greater than inhaling the scent of a cooking chicken.”


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