Scalpel-free surgery

An Israeli company uses ultrasound to operate on patients without knives, drugs – or pain

July 24, 2012 14:04
Scalpel-free surgery

Scalpel-free surgery. (photo credit: INSIGHTEC)

Phyllis Walker, a 77-yearold woman from Ivor, Virginia, was unable to write letters to her grandsons, soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. She had a neurological condition known as essential tremor that caused her hands to shake uncontrollably.

In August 2011, Walker participated in an experimental study at the University of Virginia where doctors used a procedure known as focused ultrasound. I n a matter of seconds, precision-generated sound waves seared away the tiny misfiring nerve center in Walker’s brain that was causing the problem. Walker could now use her hand normally again. She could resume writing to her grandsons.


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