Viewpoint: Ample cause for prayer

October 2, 2017 01:10

In this climate, boldness and resolution cannot prosper.

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Viewpoint: Ample cause for prayer

Notes placed in the Western Wall prior to Rosh Hashana cleaning. (photo credit:MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)

TWO CONTRADICTORY approaches punctuate the penitential season starting with the month of Elul and culminating in the 10 Days of Repentance from the New Year through Yom Kippur. The optimistic approach emphasizes that this is the season of greatest accessibility between the Jewish people and our Father creator and we should take advantage of this access to effect a rapprochement. The other approach, perhaps best exemplified by the Book of Jonah, is that our physical existence ‒ both personal and collective ‒ is at risk if we do not shape up and at least make a sincere effort to get our act in order.

Put me in the alarmist camp, especially after the Friday before Rosh Hashana brought us the Parsons Green tube blast in London and the North Korean missile flying over Japan. The denunciation by US President Donald Trump of the Parsons Green Station perpetrator/ s as a loser/s does not seem to have advanced us beyond the JV squad dismissal of ISIS by the Obama administration. The real losers are the victims of terrorist assaults, and now the UK has experienced five in the space of a year.


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