WASHINGTON – Sharon Ashley, former editor-in-chief of The Jerusalem Report, has been tapped to direct Hillel’s new Center for Israel Engagement, the organization announced Tuesday.

Hillel, in a statement detailing the appointment, described the center as “the keystone of Hillel’s new approach to engaging, educating and advocating for Israel on campus.”

The university-oriented group said its mission would include educating college students about Israel; creating a group of “influential, proactive and knowledgeable staff;” and encouraging trips to Israel.

Ashley, who was named editor of the English-language magazine in 2004, has also worked for the office of the president of Israel, the Foreign Ministry and the Melitz Centers for Jewish-Zionist Education.

“I look forward to helping the CIE foster an understanding of Israel that is both honest and meaningful,” Ashley said in the statement. “The center’s critical work will enable students to express why Israel is important to their personal identities – and why it should be and still can be in today’s fraught environment.”

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