An organization that provides financial guidance and empowerment to families has set out to give hesder yeshiva students the necessary tools to make the right life decisions.

Following the success of a pilot program run in the Kiryat Shmona and Shadmot Mechola yeshivas, the Paamonim organization will offer its services to hesder students nationwide.

Over the course of three meetings, the young men – many of them newly married – will learn about responsible consumerism, building budgets and keeping to them, receive banking advice and learn about negotiating with financial institutions.

“We are in an important time of general awakening regarding the financial abilities of the general public, and specifically the middle class,” said Paamonim Director Uriel Lederberg.

“This is the time to empower the younger generation that is establishing households.

Hesder students are in a crucial point in life, in which professional guidance will help them build the foundations of their financial structures, and keep them from making the wrong decisions that could lead young individuals or families to fiscal dire straits.”

Rabbi Tzfania Drori, head of the Kiryat Shmona yeshiva, where the first such endeavor was tried out by Paamonim, praised the initiative.

“Even if they are very wise, yeshiva students too need the tools to deal with temptations and difficulties in their daily lives,” Drori said.