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Photo by: Courtesy Israel Police
Police seize armored car belonging to Amir Mulner crime organization
Photos of car show thick, bulletproof windows covered with a layer of metal plates, and cameras facing out.
Metal plates, bullet-proof windows and CCTV cameras are part of the gear outfitted to a Toyota Land Cruiser belonging to alleged crime boss Amir Mulner, which was seized by police on Wednesday.

Photos of the car sent out by police show thick bulletproof windows covered with a layer of metal plates and cameras facing out of the vehicle giving a 360 degree view of the SUV’s surroundings.

Police said the car was seized after police from the LAHAV 433 investigative unit saw a man affiliated with Mulner driving the vehicle in Ramat Gan and pulled him over for questioning.

When they stopped the car they noticed the armorplating and took the vehicle for an exam at the LAHAV 433 headquarters in Lod.

Possessing an armored car in Israel is allowed only if someone has the proper licensing from the state.

Amir Mulner is currently outside of the country.

He has been considered by police to be one of the leading organized crime figures in Israel for the past few years, and has faced a number of attempts on his life.
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