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Peres: Purim is a great time to dress up, but not the only time
President shares story, pictures of his disguises while conducting secret meetings in Jordan with King Hussein.
"Purim is a great time dress up but not the only time," remarked President Shimon Peres on his Facebook page on Friday.

The president referred to pictures which he made public of disguises wore in the mid-seventies when traveling to secret meetings with King Hussein of Jordan before signing the peace agreements.

The pictures show Peres donning a hat, a wig, glasses, and a mustache in a few incognito versions of himself.

The president invited the public to post their own costumes saying on his Facebook page, "Share your costumes with me here, I am sure they are much better than mine."

He added about the holiday, "The beauty of Purim is that it brings out the creativity in us all in celebration of a holiday that is all about fun!"

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