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Jerusalem weathers the storm

The sudden onset of winter also brought 750 complaints about fallen trees, 21 smashed street lights and 54 cases of structural damage to the city.

The storm knocks over a Jerusalem streetsign
Photo by: Marc Israel Sellem
When winter finally arrived in the capital, it came with a vengeance. Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) and municipality teams were kept working around the clock on Sunday and Monday as they struggled to repair the damage caused by the gale-force winds that blew across the city.

Trees were uprooted and split asunder, crushing cars, fences and signposts, and bringing down power cables on their way down. Two cars near the corner of Shimshon and Ephraim streets in Baka, including a recently-acquired Subaru, were crushed by most of an enormous 150-year-old eucalyptus tree, which also left two buildings without power for five hours on Sunday evening. Thankfully an IEC team arrived within minutes of the call.

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