Peres’s new autobiography looks back at decades of accomplishments

Shimon Peres endured several defeats and disappointments in his lifetime, but generally preferred to come up with new ideas and look forward rather than brood over what was or what might have been.

September 13, 2017 21:13
Shimon Peres family

Shimon and Sonia Peres with their three children on November 15, 1958. (photo credit: AVRAHAM VERED / IDF AND DEFENSE MINISTRY ARCHIVES)

Shimon Peres regularly used to say, “We didn’t dream big enough.” So it is quite fitting – and no surprise – that the autobiography released right before the first anniversary of the former president’s death is titled No Room for Small Dreams.

It was my privilege, during the seven years of his presidency, to cover the activities of the president for The Jerusalem Post. Peres was a marvelous raconteur in Hebrew, English and French with a never-ending stock of anecdotes about people whose lives he had entered or who had entered his.


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