A purifying visit to Hamat Gader

Personally, after about 10 minutes in the warm spring water, I was ready to go take a dip in the refreshingly cool pool and enjoy the other attractions.

Hamat Gader
Like many other ordinary Israeli children, I visited Hamat Gader when I was young. For years I would recall with dread the ferocious crocodiles, the hot springs, and the dozens of people bathing in the crowded sulfur pools. I hadn’t been there in over a decade when friends of mine in the north recently convinced me that it was about time I dealt with these bad memories, since I was missing out on one of the most beautiful Kinneret relaxation experiences.

So I agreed to go check it out. I decided right then and there that I would have fun no matter what. And it’s a good thing I took this oath at that moment, because just then my neighbor Elad knocked on my door and told me his cats had decided to make their new home in my car’s engine.

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