Checking the ‘orange pages’

Not taking the BDS movement lying down, residents living over the Green Line have banded together to support their local businesses.

GUELA TWERSKY sits in her home
The walls of Geula Twersky’s Neveh Daniel home are decorated with her artwork, or as Twersky refers to the paintings, “expres- sions of my neshama [soul] and of my name Geula [redemption].” This mother of 10 and recent grandmother, who made aliya from New York with her family seven years ago, says she has been a painter her entire life. The themes in her vivid and lifelike work include Torah, prayer, aliya, the Land of Israel and more.

While Twersky has had some success selling her work both in Israel and abroad, she, along with an entire population of Jewish artisans and small business owners in Judea and Samaria, have had to overcome a difficult economic environment to make a living for their families.

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