One Palestinian’s right to live in Israel

A Palestinian father prevented his son from becoming a terrorist by giving him up to Israel; the son subsequently became a combat soldier. Last week, Israel repaid the father’s brave actions by denying his residency application.

March 15, 2011 15:30
Israeli and Palestinian flags

Israel Pal flag (do not publish again). (photo credit: Avi Katz)

A Palestinian whose adult son is an Israeli citizen was denied permanent residency last week. He’s hardly the first Palestinian to have his residency application rejected, and there are good reasons for Israel’s stringent policy on this matter. But Adel Hussein is no ordinary applicant.

Hussein’s story first came to light when he, his ex-wife and their son told it to The New York Times in 2003. It began simply enough: Working in Israel in the 1970s, he met and married a Jewish woman. They later moved to Hussein’s West Bank hometown of Nur Shams, where they raised their only son, Muhammad.


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