‘Sane Zionism’ needs the Left’s support

Why could an overly harsh Boycott Law pass while a more moderate one could not? Because too much of the Left refuses to accept any sanctions on anti-Israel boycotters.

July 18, 2011 19:46
Peace Now demonstration against Boycott Bill

Peace Now demonstration against Boycott Bill 311. (photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem)

The Jerusalem Post columnist Susan Hattis Rolef and I are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, but I share her that one of the most perceptive comments on the “Boycott Law” enacted last week came from MK Eitan Wilf (Independence Party). Wilf lamented that what she termed “sane, state-oriented, centrist Zionism,” once the province of most Israeli politicians, was being gradually squeezed out by “the extremist right and the post-Zionist Left.” Her point was that while it’s perfectly legitimate for Israel to defend itself against anti-Israel boycotts, the current law disproportionately infringes on freedom of speech.

My Word: Consuming passions and boycotts


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