The business of higher learning

A mini-MBA program at Tel Aviv University is giving Palestinians a step up in the global market.

Palestinian entrepeneurs at TAU
In 12 days, 24-year-old Sireen Sabi from Kalkilya in the West Bank, and 29-year-old Mohammad Abu Khaizarn from Tubas, completed their mini- MBA at Tel Aviv University’s Recanati Business School. In the midst of the American Studies Association boycott of Israel, this course is unique in that it is specially tailored to Palestinian executives who can’t, or don’t want to come to the university for the normal two-year MBA program.

The idea for the intensive, two-week program arose from a Palestinian MBA graduate’s observation that there are many Palestinians – particularly those working in the information and communications technology sector – who work mainly with Gulf states but would like to increase their reach globally.

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