The echo of a secret artist

At the tender age of 13, Abramek Koplowicz wrote poetry and painted with a skill worthy of someone many years his senior, his art tragically set against the backdrop of the Holocaust, made more poignant by his death in Auschwitz.

POPE FRANCIS greets Holocaust survivor Eliezer Grynfeld at Yad Vashem on Monday.
Photo by: REUTERS
This week, Yad Vashem chairman Avner Shalev presented Pope Francis with a reproduction of a painting of a hassid engrossed in prayer, painted by a teenaged victim of the Holocaust from the Lodz ghetto. The teenager was 13-year-old Abramek Kopelowicz, and The Jerusalem Post was the first to publish his story on July 7, 1989. Because of a stepbrother he never knew, paintings and a book of poetry gave meaning to a life tragically cut short. Below is the article as it originally appeared.

At 13, Abramek was writing bright and beautiful poetry, far in advance of his years.

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