The three commanders

One year after Operation Pillar of Defense, the girls who ran a communications headquarters at the time talk about their experiences.

The girls. (L-R) Dana Nehab, Aya Gishuri and Omer Pastel.
Photo by: Courtesy IDF
On the Saturday evening of November 10, 2012, Omer Pastel, a 20-year-old IDF Gaza Brigade officer was in her Tel Aviv home watching the evening news. During the broadcast, reports surfaced indicating that four soldiers had been wounded, two seriously, while patrolling in their jeep near the security fence of the Strip, after terrorists fired an anti-tank missile at their vehicle from across the border.

It was therefore no surprise to Pastel when, soon after, she was instructed by her superiors to return to her base at Re’im, just several kilometers outside of Gaza, to assume her position as the head of the base’s operational command center. This center was responsible for disseminating communications and logistical information and instructions between troops and their superiors, and vice versa, who operate throughout the entire Gaza area.

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