Back from Poland

For many high school students, visiting the Holocaust sites is a tearful, but valuable, eye-opening experience.

January 20, 2011 19:59
A ceremony on the human ashes hill in Maidenek.

Poland high school trip 521. (photo credit: Courtesy)

Are school visits to Poland worthwhile? Do the teenagers realize their significance or is it just another jaunt abroad? Is their behavior appropriate for the sites of the greatest atrocity of all time? Is the expense justified or does it separate the less affluent pupils from their peers?

These were some of the questions presented to 17-year-old Mayan, a student at Haifa’s Leo Baeck school, on her recent return from a class trip to Poland. Her responses showed that with excellent preparation and support from specialized counselors, a program that balanced the tears with the group experience, this was a trip that has changed her understanding of life forever and helped her to understand society here.


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