Where did it come from?

Being in a closed and crowded place, especially one that is overheated, increases the risk of an infection.

Man shown with heart.
Photo by: MCT
 I am 63 years old, and have always been a physically active person. Since making aliya in May of last year, I have been sick twice, each for an entire month. I did not have fever, but I had no appetite and was easily fatigued, sometimes achy and a little congested. My doctor sent me for blood tests and lab work, and I was found to have a “respiratory infection,” which – as my doctor predicted – did clear up on its own. I had the exact same illness months later. A few days prior to the illness, I had been to my synagogue, and it was warm, very dry and poorly ventilated (reminiscent of the dry heat that used to cause my sinus infections in the US). I am fairly certain that this is what triggered my “respiratory infection.” Can this really be the cause? Can I do anything about this, short of staying away from that synagogue?

M.S., Jerusalem

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