Anti-Semitism and anti-Israel advocacy

Blood libels may be in the past, but there is a more sinister form of anti-Semitism today.

November 12, 2011 21:26
4 minute read.
GRAFFITI READING “Zionism,” “money” and the dollar sign was etched into a French memorial on Wednesd

anti israel graffiti 311. (photo credit: (European Jewish Press))

How much of the rising crescendo of worldwide criticism aimed at Israel reflects anti-Semitism? Perhaps not the traditional anti-Semitism of blood libels, global conspiracies and crude personal slurs about greed and dishonest dealings, but anti-Semitism manifested in a new way, with Israel now acting in the role of the despised Jew of old? The question comes at a critical time for both America and Israel. Both countries are being forced to make difficult choices in the months and years ahead on such profound issues as Palestinian statehood and Iran’s nuclear program, in an atmosphere where these choices are framed less by their intrinsic merits than by the metastasizing external, political and economic pressure being applied by anti-Israel advocates.

But if that advocacy is rooted in anti-Semitism—and is exposed as such—then much of its political and economic pressure is stripped of any veneer of legitimacy and drained of its power.


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