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Mali, Libya, and the Jihadist operational network
January 24, 2013 11:32
It is only a matter of time before Mali's jihadist operational network infiltrates the West so measures must be taken to enable regional players to root out terror.
Nigerian soldiers prepare to deploy to Mali

Nigerian troops Mali 370. (photo credit:Afolabi Sotunde / Reuters)

By now the name Mokhtar Belmokhtar is familiar to anyone watching events unfold in Saharan Africa. Since a January 16 raid executed by his “Masked Brigade” in Algeria, which led to the deaths of dozens of hostages, the one-eyed smuggler extraordinnaire’s picture has been broadcast across TV and computer screens worldwide. As Western policymakers continue to adjust their strategy in the war on terror, it is important to understand Belmokhtar’s accomplishment in its true context: a victory of a thriving jihadist operational network.

As it turns out, the Masked Brigade’s attack was not, as reports originally indicated, a reprisal for French intervention in northern Mali. In fact, Western security officials recently stated that the attack was planned before January 11, when France intervened. This instead was simply intended to be a standard kidnap-and-ransom mission – a fundraiser and terrorist attack rolled into one.


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