Our cooking lessons in Lima

We concluded our Cenfotur visit at chef Francisco Lozano’s class on jungle cuisine, where we tasted smoked meat cooked with yuca.

January 15, 2015 17:13
Cooking class

Cooking class in Lima. (photo credit: YAKIR LEVY)

When we were invited to a cocktail party for international journalists at Cenfotur, a school of tourism and cuisine in Lima, Peru, we were glad to learn that it included a cooking lesson by veteran chef Nicolai Stakeeff.

Stakeeff taught us how to prepare lomo saltado, or stir-fried beef tenderloin, which may be the best-loved specialty of Peru. First the chef seared bite-size pieces of meat in a skillet over high heat, and then added red onion strips, minced garlic and strips of Peruvian yellow chili peppers called aji amarillo. After sautéing the vegetables briefly, he finished the dish with tomato strips, which he just warmed through, seasoning it with salt, pepper, cumin, soy sauce, wine vinegar and cilantro (fresh coriander); he noted that some chefs add green onions (which Peruvians call Chinese onions), ginger or oyster sauce.With the beef, Stakeeff recommended the traditional accompaniments – French fried yellow potatoes and cooked rice. (See recipe.)


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