Shamai Glick – a portrait

When one man decides to take a stand.

September 18, 2017 18:24
3 minute read.
Shamai Glick – a portrait

Glick (with visiting Christians at the Western Wall) guards against any perceived offense to the State of Israel or IDF.. (photo credit: PR)

He insists on being considered a human rights activist, while his main activity has been, for the last three years or so, focusing on canceling and preventing any event he considers to be offensive toward the State of Israel or the IDF.

His most famous recent achievement was the decision of the Jerusalem municipality to close down the Barbur Gallery, after its management held an event for the Breaking the Silence organization. On September 10 he announced on his Facebook page a campaign to prevent Gisha (an association that works to enable freedom of movement for Palestinians) from obtaining a $100,000 grant from the Netherlands government.


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