The next big trend

December 7, 2017 17:07

Below, you’ll find five recipes from Petel’s book, which demonstrate that it’s possible to prepare good food that’s both fresh and healthful.

Red Hummus

Red Hummus. (photo credit: MEITAL SHARABI)

Every so often a new culinary trend becomes popular – for example, gluten-free food, veganism, the paleo diet. I’m usually a bit skeptical each time a new fad begins, and so when Efrat Petel’s cookbook, 100 American Favorite Dishes: the Real Food Version, came out in Hebrew (Segol Publishing, 2017), I was excited when I realized that this was probably not going to be just a passing trend.

The book focuses on popular American dishes and explains how to prepare them with only natural ingredients. Petel, by training, is a chef as well as an integrative nutritionist with a degree from New York’s Institute for Integrative Nutrition. After completing her studies, she founded Daily Real Food, which promotes a lifestyle of eating real, healthful food and focuses on daily habits, supportive tools and information.


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