Call it ‘love/hate’

Haim Shiff prizewinner David Nipo on ambivalence,talent and exhibiting for the first time at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

July 3, 2014 12:26
Tel Aviv Museum

‘Self Portrait, Painting Winter 1,’ 2002.. (photo credit: Courtesy)

Which is worse – to completely lack talent in something you love, or to be extraordinarily talented at something you hate? Artist David Nipo knows the answer to that one. The critically acclaimed artist has been involved in what he describes as a “love/hate relationship with painting” for much of his life.

Born almost 50 years ago in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Nipo came to Israel at the age of five, grew up in Ashdod, spent many years in Tel Aviv – “until I got fed up with it,” he says – and now lives in the countrified atmosphere of Nir Akiva in the northwestern Negev with his wife and four children. His paintings have been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. He has won several grants and awards – including the National Portrait Gallery in London’s BP Portrait Award in 2009 and 2013. And last year he was chosen, out of 65 other artists, to receive the Haim Shiff Prize for Figurative-Realistic Art, which confers a cash award of $10,000 and the guarantee of a solo exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.


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