Meet the most influential figures in the Jewish world
Post-communist community
December 20, 2012 15:35
The ‘Common Roots: Design Map of Central Europe’ exhibition explores shared characteristics.
Maxim Velèovsk's ‘Ornament and Crime (Lenin)’

Maxim Velèovsk's ‘Ornament and Crime (Lenin)’ 521. (photo credit:Courtesy)

Israel is truly a land of miracles and wonders. We live our lives – even at the best of times – in seemingly perpetual danger and yet, through it all, life goes on. Teachers teach, students learn, books are written and read, and the arts flourish with a level of vibrancy seen almost nowhere else in the world.

As the most recent round of fighting began, a fascinating exhibition resolutely opened at the Design Museum in Holon – the only design museum in the Middle East, and one of a mere handful of museums in the world dedicated solely to design.


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