Milk Milk Lemonade employs poignant visceral aesthetic and verbal vehicles to portray an exploration of gender, sexuality, life, death and the body.

Photo by: Rebecca Crown Auditorium
Schenfeld salutes
Bausch Notes to Pina Bausch, a new work by veteran Israeli dancer and choreographer Rina Schenfeld, will be performed at the Suzanne Dellal Center in Tel Aviv next week as part of this year’s Tel Aviv Dance Festival. Following that show on June 7, there will be three more performances of the work: on June 26 at the Shalem Dance House’s Hakarnaf Auditorium in Jerusalem’s Musrara neighborhood; and on July 14 and August 14 as part of the Maholohet Festival at the Suzanne Dellal Center.

The show is based on the professional collaboration, mutual admiration and close relationship that developed between Schenfeld and Bausch over the years.

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