Yankele Rotblit’s backyard

The veteran songwriter muses politics, rock ’n’ roll and working with the late Arik Einstein.

Yankele Rotblit with (left to right) musicians Itamar Zigler, Tomer Yossef and Gadi Ronen.
Photo by: Asaf Sudri
Yankele Rotblit has never pulled his punches. The 68-year-old wordsmith has been penning lyrics to hard-hitting songs for more than four decades, even though there is nothing overly acerbic about his texts.

Rotblit’s latest venture is a CD called Hehatzer Ha’ahorit (The Backyard), which he produced with three musicians many years his junior – pianist Gadi Ronen, guitarist, bass player and percussionist Itamar Zigler and drummer-percussionist Tomer Yossef. All three also sing on the album and have done Rotblit and his lyrics proud with their musical input, as will be clear at the upcoming CD launch concert at the Tzavta in Tel Aviv on December 11 (at 9 p.m.).

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