Exhibition: Hello Dolly

I defy anyone who visits Jaffa Museum between now and March 25 to come out with an unchanged perspective on dolls.

February 23, 2017 15:47
Israel Dolls Art exhibition

Doll by Lior Kesem Hamama. (photo credit: VICTOR BEZRUKOV)

Nineteenth-century English novelist Samuel Butler once observed that “prayers are to men as dolls are to children. They are not without use and comfort, but it is not easy to take them seriously.”

Unwholesome Victorian family mores notwithstanding, Butler clearly recognized the benefits to be had from playing with the figurine toys. However, on entering the display area on the upper floor of the Jaffa Museum, one immediately gets the feeling that the writer might have changed his appreciation tack had he been around to see the Dolls Art exhibition currently in progress there.


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