Community center to absorption center

January 20, 2012 22:14

A former Falash Mura leader talks about the unique challenges his aliya has presented.

Synagogue in Ethiopia

Ethiopian Jews in Gondar. (photo credit: Ruth Eglash)

As anyone who has survived the experience can tell you, immigrating to Israel is not only a challenge but often a lesson in humility. Making aliya is not for the faint of heart. All at once, the new arrival is expected to hit the ground running, trying to navigate his way around a culture and a country that are notoriously unlike any other on Earth.

In a land that leads the world in innovative, cutting-edge information technology, the new immigrant finds himself dealing with what often looks a 1940s-style government bureaucracy – with often byzantine rules and regulations – in a language he or she is only now just beginning to learn.


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