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Not your average museum
August 28, 2014 11:09
‘I continue to buy things that I like, and I continue to create. I only want to do better.’
Artist Ilana Goor

Artist Ilana Goor has curated an eclectic collection in Jaffa from ancient artifacts to video installations. (photo credit:CARL HOFFMAN)

Anyone who likes to collect interesting or beautiful things has probably heard at least one friend or acquaintance jokingly say something like, “You know, with all the stuff you’ve got here, you ought to open a museum.” Most people don’t. Artist Ilana Goor did.

Born almost 78 years ago in Tiberias, Goor grew up in a family of doctors, artists and intellectuals. She began creating art at an early age, making small statues out of discarded odds and ends. Although she attended the Bezalel School of Art in Jerusalem for a year, Goor is largely an autodidact.


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