The verdict in former prime minister Ehud Olmert’s corruption trial will be handed down on July 10, the Jerusalem District Court announced on Sunday.

Olmert is being tried on three corruption charges.

In the first charge, the prosecution alleges he failed to report donations, including those made by New York businessman Moshe Talansky, to the state comptroller, as required by law.

The second charge relates to the so-called Rishon Tours affair, according to which Olmert is accused of double- and sometimes triple-billing charities and a government office for flights booked via the Rishon Tours travel agency, and using the surplus money to pay for flights and upgrades for family members.

The third charge relates to the so-called Investment Center affair, in which the prosecution alleges Olmert granted illegal favors to Uri Messer, his former law firm partner, who applied to the Investment Center for state grants and other benefits.

Olmert is being tried alongside his former bureau chief, Shula Zaken.

Both Olmert and Zaken have denied the charges.

The announcement regarding the verdict was made on the same day that the heart of the Holyland trial, which involves Olmert and 15 other defendants, began with the opening testimony of the state’s main witness.

Olmert’s spokesman had no comment on either the announcement or the fact that it was announced the same day that the Holyland trial started in earnest.

Joanna Paraszczuk contributed to this report.