A gang of suspected thieves who broke into a home in the North crashed into several vehicles while attempting to flee police overnight Monday.

The suspects had allegedly been in the middle of a home robbery in Nazareth when they became suspicious that it was a police sting operation. They left the home and entered their get-away vehicle, driving off at high speed.

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“They struck civilian vehicles as they drove, endangering members of the public,” police spokesman Yehuda Meman said. Police did not directly pursue the suspects in order to minimize risk of injury to passersby, Meman added, but they set up a roadblock to intercept the suspects instead.

The alleged thieves didn’t flinch when they saw the police block, however, merely speeding up instead, and crashing into two police cars as they burst through.

As a police helicopter flew overhead, the suspects’ car smashed into a passenger bus on Route 65, seriously injuring one suspect. Police surrounded the car and arrested the injured man. The two other suspects fled but were captured later.