Change without coercion

February 23, 2012 23:20

Integration is an evolutionary process that can be nurtured, even encouraged, but that cannot be forced.

Haredi combat soldiers

Haredi combat soldiers 311. (photo credit:Marc Israel Sellem)

In the wake of the Tal Law’s demise, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu faces tough choices. He could try to patch together yet another ad hoc Tal Law-like arrangement with the haredi parties that would maintain, with a few cosmetic changes, the present “status quo” that enables 60,000-plus draft-age haredi men to skirt military service.

Doing so would place him in direct confrontation with Israel Beiteinu chairman Avigdor Liberman, who has already said publicly that he will not tolerate any more stopgap arrangements with the ultra-Orthodox and that the time has come to settle the issue of haredi draft-dodging once and for all.


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