September 9: Suicidal tendencies

Jonny Paul's article on the 'New Statesman' comparing IDF youth camps to Jihad training leaves out the point that the Jihad followers may very well attack inside the UK.

September 8, 2007 22:05
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Losing out... Sir, - In "Don't reject Christian friendship" (September 4), Malcolm Hedding, executive director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, accused me of prejudice and applied the analogy of apartheid to my defense of the Jewish heritage. His indictment is untenable. That I maintain the Jewish right, as well as the right of all religions, to function as independent faith communities, with distinct traditions and theology, would surely not fall into the category of racism. I can't recall whether Mr. Hedding and I have ever met, but he feels he knows me well enough to state: "For her, there can be no such thing as Jewish-Christian friendship, solidarity and collaboration... I note that while Ms. Horowitz is very strident in her claims, she has never come in to see us. Isolation is always a good breeding ground for prejudice." I can assure Mr. Hedding that many of my reservations regarding Judeo-Christian trends, and calls for a Messianic Jewish restoration, are based on personal observation through my direct involvement with the Christian evangelical community. I was featured in a widely promoted and televised documentary with Donna Holbrook, Canadian director of ICEJ, Mr. Hedding's organization. I've worked at ICEJ's Feast of the Tabernacles, have lectured to and engaged in business dealings with the evangelical community, and have welcomed groups of Christian tourists to my moshav in the Golan Heights. I have also consulted with and collaborated with Christian friends on my articles covering these very issues. I did not accuse Christians of robbing the Jewish people of their birthright, but I did suggest that my own people have lost a part of themselves - sold their birthright, so to speak - in an attempt to relieve themselves of their universal role and responsibilities to all of mankind. I certainly won't reject Christian friendship, as long as our relationship is built with an understanding and respect for differences rather than an insistence on seeking out common theological denominators. ELLEN W. HOROWITZ Golan Heights ...count me in Sir, - Malcolm Hedding's response to Ellen Horowitz's anti-Christian diatribe was elegantly and powerfully written, and extremely welcome. As someone who has been closely involved with these self-professed Christian Friends of Israel for many years now, and having come to know something of this community not only professionally but also in a very close and personal way, I found Ms. Horowitz's article narrow-minded, inappropriate and embarrassing. I have been deeply moved by the willingness of the very great majority in this Christian world to confront past anti-Jewish ugliness, to acknowledge Jewish suffering and dreadful historical memories and, with great courage, to reach out to us and hopefully try to build a better future. I am quite sure that my devotion and dedication to Judaism and to the survival of the Jewish people are as profound as anything claimed by Ms Horowitz. But I am grateful that I am not so rigidly shackled by the past as to be unwilling or unable to work for a better relationship with this Christian world, in particular one so utterly committed to Israel. In spite of all the great differences between us, I for one gladly accept this outstretched hand. FREDA KEET Jerusalem Suicidal tendencies Sir, - Jonny Paul did a good job of explaining the absurdity of the New Statesman's latest Israel-bashing effort ("British magazine compares IDF youth programs to Islamic Jihad 'summer camps,'" (September 5). But debate over the article, while exposing the British far Left's growing madness on this issue, leaves out an important, very revealing point. The New Statesman article ignored the rather significant detail that British Muslims training in Yemen, Pakistan or Afghanistan in radical Islamist camps might well attack within Britain. Many such terrorist operations have been launched. The fact that a leading British journal, in its passion for demonizing Israel, doesn't even bother to mention as significant that the Islamists are training to murder British citizens and blow up, say, British airports shows how much members of the far Left have turned against their own democratic countries to side with totalitarian forces. BARRY RUBIN Director, GLORIA Center Tel Aviv Granny's right Sir, - In "Religion? It's a personal choice" (September 5) Cynthia Kane argued that she can remain Jewish with a non-Jewish boyfriend/husband. Not likely. What are you passing on to your children, Cynthia? Your bubba is right. GORD BUSHEWSKY Edmonton Singing with the angels Sir, - With deepest sorrow I mourn the death of Luciano Pavarotti, the greatest tenor since Caruso. The whole world will miss him and his amazing gift of music. May he rest in peace, and may his immortal soul be in Paradise. ("Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti dies at age 71," Online Edition, September 6) MARILYN BENNETT Jerusalem

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