For a new leadership

Time is running short. But Israel can address the Iranian threat.

October 14, 2006 21:05
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Arab incitement against the State of Israel has soared to new heights since the recent war in Lebanon. Thus is it summed up by an Israeli expert who monitors the Arab media: "For the first time, the repeated motif in the Arab media is that Israel is a passing phenomenon - and that the Arabs can defeat it. Hatred of Israel and Arab confidence in the ability to destroy it are today at a more serious level than expressed on the pan-Arab level on the eve of the Six Day War." This serious consequence of the second Lebanon war is an indication, too, of Israel's loss of deterrent power; in other words, the fact that Israel is now being viewed as easy prey could invite and encourage further aggressive actions in the very near future. It is clear that this drastic devaluation in Israel's image is being sustained among the Arabs not only by the results of the war, but also by what Israelis are writing and saying about themselves. There are those who are so scared out of their wits that they are willing to recommend - in a spirit of absolute political idiocy - a withdrawal from the Golan Heights in return for a putative peace agreement to be signed with Syria. Only this week, in his condemnation of the North Korean nuclear test, President George W. Bush noted that North Korea is supplying weapons to Syria and Iran. The hope expressed in the Arabs' renewed hate campaign against Israel is that, before not too long, Israel will simply disappear - and they base this hope on what Israelis themselves say and write. Who among us has not encountered, both on the airwaves and in print, questions voiced by concerned Israeli citizens such as: Can Israel defend itself? Are the Israel Defense Forces, which demonstrated superior air power but also weakness on the ground, capable of protecting the country? To that should be added the threat of the Iranian bomb, accompanying media reports that hundreds of thousands of Israelis have applied to foreign embassies for passports of the countries of their birth. THIS GRIM picture underscores the urgent need to find a leader capable of restoring Israel's faith in itself so that, in case of war, the country can indeed defend itself and win, as it did in 1948, 1967, 1973 and 1982. We must do whatever it takes to attain this kind of leadership - and it is a matter of utmost urgency, if we seek life. Time is running short. A new Israeli leadership can still benefit from the fact that the current leader of the United States is not only friendly to Israel but has also shown a very clear understanding of the dangers to world peace posed by Islamist-fascist terrorism emanating from Kabul, Baghdad and Iran. Like the defeatist Left in Israel, in the United States too politicians and the media (The New York Times, for example), continually gnaw away at Bush's Churchillian policies in face of the global Islamist danger, which exceeds that posed by Nazi fascism prior to WW2. Sadly, in the US media and politics it is the spirit of Chamberlain that is currently gaining the upper hand. In Israel, leftist brainwashing has not yet succeeded in making similar gains. Israelis feel the threat and are willing to see real leadership restore their confidence and security. Israel has answers to the danger of the Iranian bomb too - in full coordination with the United States that is leading the fight, of course. It is not too late to make sure Iran does not obtain nuclear weapons - and, generally, no reason for despair, fury and self-destruction.

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