The defense minister's ignorance

September 27, 2006 20:33

Does he really want to give away the Golan Heights?

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Defense Minister Amir Peretz has not succeeded in restoring security even to his own hometown of Sderot, the target of a constant barrage of Kassam rockets. Instead, he repeatedly talks about how he will soon - any minute now - renew talks with Mahmoud Abbas and beyond that, how attentive his ears are to the good tidings of peace coming from Syrian President Bashar Assad. The dissemination of these illusions by Defense Minister Peretz proves that beyond his ignorance of security matters, as proved in the war in Lebanon, he is unable to correctly read the diplomatic map displayed by his enemies. Bashar Assad, who told the German weekly Der Spiegel that he is willing to make peace with Israel, did so because of the distress he and his regime finds themselves in. But let's start from the end: His father, Hafez Assad, who was a strong leader - unlike his pathetic son - demanded that prime minister Ehud Barak return all of the Golan Heights to him and cede full control of the northeastern banks of Lake Kinneret. However, prime minister Ehud Barak was not willing to permit the Syrians to get that close to the Kinneret. So, does that mean that Amir Peretz and his fellow members of the Labor Party are willing to pay that price? There is of course no danger of that happening. Simply because the Syrian president was merely testing the diplomatic waters of "peace with Israel" because he is feeling the noose of American siege on Syria, masterminded by Dr. Condoleezza Rice, who is pressuring Syria to discontinue its support for the terrorist organizations active in Iran, Lebanon and against Israel, tightening around his neck. The reports of the international investigation also determined that Bashar's Syrian intelligence was involved in the assassination of Rafik Hariri, Lebanon's former prime minister. Consequently, it would be na ve to think that all Israel has to do is return the Golan Heights to Syria in order to break the Islamo-fascist axis of evil stretching from Teheran to Damascus, and the dawn of a new age of peace would arise. Instead, a genuine defense minister would be preparing the IDF for the next round in Lebanon, where Hizbullah will not give Israel even a moment's peace. All the stories about the "security coordination" with the United Nations and UNIFIL and the Lebanese army are nothing but a ruse. A real defense minister would be working night and day to fight the terror machine in Gaza. EXCEPT THAT Amir Peretz was a failure foreseen as defense minister, and the week he was appointed, I described him in an article I wrote as a "defense catastrophe." This is because he was chosen, not for his qualifications, but rather because of some foul-smelling party chicanery cooked up by two irresponsible politicos - Uri Shani and Haim Ramon, the very same Ramon who was recently thrown out of the Justice Ministry and has been charged with sexual harassment. He was previously responsible for causing national defense harassment. Of course, responsibility for this catastrophic cabinet appointment lies entirely with the government, and not only with the Labor Party, which had already seen the results of Amir Peretz's dangerous incompetence. However, for reasons of personal-egoistical convenience, they all want to continue occupying their cabinet seats, despite the fact that they know full well this is a government of failure and inaction, rather than one of action. For the first time in the history of the state, we have a government without a governing party. In the past there was Mapai that ran things, and also the Labor Party, and of course the Likud, each with their own political and diplomatic approach, and traditional party institutions. But Kadima has none of these and that is why it does not exist as a governing party, only as a haphazard collection of Knesset members that came up in some spin doctors' lottery. MK Avigdor Yitzhaki, who is accused of an illegal financial dealings, is Kadima's official mouthpiece. What a choice. He has no compunctions about advocating the release of murderer Marwan Barghouti in return for the abducted soldiers. If Ariel Sharon were capable, he would give him a swift kick. As could be predicted in advance, without Ariel Sharon, Kadima remained a bodiless, spiritless shell, alongside whom the Golem of Prague appears animated and lifelike. That is why, sooner or later, the package of Amir Peretz and Kadima, which are today embracing so that neither drowns, will unravel and disappear from Israel's political stage. And no danger is posed to the flourishing communities in the Golan Heights.

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