Visiting Jerusalem?  Begin Heritage Center
You can’t miss this experience!

The Menachem Begin Heritage Center
An engaging journey in the life of a leader!

Join the exciting sound and light show, captivating and unusual. A special experience for every Israeli!

The tour of the Begin Museum takes you on a fascinating journey in time, into the life of an outstanding leader in the nation’s history.

The experience speaks to the visitor’s feelings through rare documentary films, interactive touch screens, an accompanying soundtrack, dramatic lighting, complete restorations, and original items.

You’re invited to participate in the stirring events which accompanied the life of Menachem Begin, which are woven into the history of the state.

Guided tour ▪ Museum tours by reservation only!

Menachem Begin Heritage Center

6 S.A. Nahon, Jerusalem Tel: 02-565-2020,02-565-2011