The Yuri Shtern Prize for New Immigrant Artists was awarded by Absorption Minister Eli Aflalo on Sunday to 13 Russian and Ethiopian artists. Each winner - in fields including plastic arts, music, fiction, theater, cinema, poetry, humor and journalism - received NIS 25,000. The winners were Ilya Bogdanovsky, Yevgeny Aryeh, Masky Shibro Sivan, Peter Mostovoy, Ella Kozakov, Yosef Bardanashvili, Ilya Plotkin, Abatte Barihun, David Zilber, Hava Bracha Korzokova, Abraham Adega and Dina Rubina. The new prize was created in memory of Shtern, who was an activist, community leader and MK known for his work on behalf of underprivileged populations.

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