THE RED SEA-Dead Sea Conveyance project has three aims: firstly, to stabilize the Dead Sea by transferring water from the Bay of Eilat to the Dead Sea; secondly, to provide desalinated water to the Kingdom of Jordan, the Palestinian Authority and Israel; and thirdly, to promote regional cooperation.

The first stage of the project includes a desalinization plant in Aqaba, Jordan that will desalinate 80 million cubic meters of water a year, of which 30-50 million cubic meters will go to Israel, with the remainder going to Jordan. Brine from the desalinization plant will be pumped up to the Dead Sea; water from Beit Zera in Israel will be pumped to the Jordanian capital Amman via the King Abdullah Canal and some 30 million cubic meters of desalinated water from Israeli plants on the Mediterranean will be provided to the Palestinian Authority on a cost basis. The project is the first step in a longer term plan to stabilize the level of the Dead Sea and provide much needed water to the region.

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