Having successfully accomplished its conquest of Masada, the Israel Opera’s ambitions are now focused on its next target – the restored Crusaders’ Castle of Acre, a UNESCO- designated World Heritage Site.

The opera management does not seem to be bothered by the risk of this grandiose edifice, spanning historical periods from biblical times up to Ottoman and British ones, might possibly cast its formidable shadow over the performances, and dwarf the minute subtleties of Mozart’s Don Giovanni, Magic Flute and Requiem, scheduled for the Crusaders’ Courtyard and Hall.

Particularly enjoyable, at a press conference offering samples of the planned events, was the participation of younger, local, not-yet-celebrity singers, such as Oded Reich, Daniela Skalka and Avigayil Gortler, who pleasantly surprised with their appealing voices, as well as their freshness, spontaneity, flexibility and enthusiasm. Some of these talented hopefuls deserve to appear in lead roles of the regular opera season, not only in minor roles, as sometimes happens.

This demanding Acre opera endeavor, schedule for June, is a collaborative effort of the Israel Opera, the Tourism Ministry, Acre Municipality and the Old Acre Development Company (all honored with their due credit at the conference). One hopes that the old saying “many cooks spoil the dish” will not characterize this highly demanding undertaking.

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